Allergies? No problem, because Samwiches is an open kitchen so there is no unknown when it comes to allergies. Staff members who really care make your food in front of you.


With an almost a non-existant turnover rate, SAM’s staff is ready for the challenge and are trained to handle allergies. As Sam explains as only Sam (or Yogi Berra) could: “We really do care and try with allergies…we not only handle allergies but we ENCOURAGE them!”


Gluten Free? Dairy free? Just give Sam a call and let him know what you need.


SAM’s cares. Not only is Sam watching out for his customers but also he supports local companies. All the machinery bought is locally made. When in season, fresh fruits and vegetables are brought to you by our local vendors and farms. And when these fruits and veggies and are not in season Sam goes out of the way to ensure the coffee, fruits, and vegetables are all “Fair Trade” (meaning the vendors we buy from are ones that never put profits ahead of people and the planet).


So when we say “We Care” we really mean it!